Senja advanced sea kayak camp

Always been wanting to take your kayak skills to the next level, feel more safe and confident out on a kayak trip, or explore rockhopping and learn how to surf your kayak?

This is your chance to improve your kayak skills while spending an incedibly adventurous week on Senja, the fairytale island!

The aim of this 5 days kayak camp is to improve your technical kayak skills, risk and safety skills and prepare you to kayak indenpendant in 3* conditions. We will perfectionize some of the techniques and rescues you learned during the basic kayak course, learn more effective methods to control and turn your kayak, learn more advanced rescues and work on your safety, first aid and navigation skills. We will also prepare you how to kayak safely in a rock and surfzone, and how to rescue yourself or your partner if a problem would arise.

Upon completion of this week you will receive a “Teknikkurs våtkort” (certification from the Norwegian Paddle Association, similar to EPP3).

  • Grunnkurs hav – basic sea kayak course – NPF 2* – EPP2 or similar
  • Contact us if you have previous kayak experience but none of the above levels and you are not sure if you can join (entry test possible)
  • Day 1: advanced sea kayak course
  • Day 2: stream paddling + first aid + navigation
  • Day 3: rockhopping + surf + rescues
  •  Day 4: kayak camping trip + packing a kayak + camp routine
  •  Day 5: kayak camping trip

This 5 days kayak camp will take place in Senja. We advice you to sleep in Skaland where most of our trips will start from.

  • 8000 NOK
  • Please contact us for private dates, requests or an adjusted camp date.
  • 5 days of kayak coursing by a local and NPF certified 4* sea kayak instructor and ISKGA coastal guide
  • Email:

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