technique sea kayak course - NPF 3*

The aim of this course is to improve your technical kayak skills, risk and safety skills and prepare you to kayak in 3* conditions. We will perfectionize some of the techniques and rescues you learned during the basic kayak course, learn more effective methods to control and turn your kayak, learn more advanced rescues and work on your safety and navigational skills.

  • Grunnkurs hav – basic sea kayak course – NPF 2* or similar
  • Contact us if you have previous kayak experience but none of the above levels and you are not sure if you can join (entry test possible)

This course will take place around Skaland,  Senja. Possible on other locations on request.

  • Adult: 3000 Nok
  • Student: 2750 Nok
  • Weekendcourses: Saturday-sunday (09.00-17.00)
  • Week days: 2 days (09.00-17.00)
  • Evening courses: 2 evenings (-+ 16 hours in total)
  • Private timeslots possible upon request
  • local and NPF certified sea kayak instructor
  • Possibility to rent kayak and safety equipment (500 nok for a full set)
what to bring
  • warm wool underwear, beanie and socks
  • food and warm drinks
  • 1 set of spare clothes
  • towline + knife
  • helmet
  • compass
minimum age
  • 14 years old together with a parent
  • 16 years old possible alone
  • Lift, carry, launch your kayak in different conditions
  • Efficient forward paddling stroke (paddle straight ahead over longer distances)
  • edging
  • Backwards paddling
  • 8-figure paddling forwards and backwards with edging of the kayak
  • Different stern rudders
  • Bow rudder
  • Sculling / sideways moving without speed and in forward movement
  • Low and high brace strokes
  • Sculling for bracing
  • Different ways of buddy-rescues, in more challenging conditions
  • Self rescue in more challenging conditions
  • Towing scenarios and use of towing line
  • Advanced rescue introduction
  • Eskimoroll introduction

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