Summer in senja

2 sea kayakers in crystal blue water and sand beach on an island in Bergsfjord senja
3hr kayak tour

Join us kayaking in crystal blue waters, between big mountains, fjords and islands!

Location: Skaland and Tranøybotn

sea kayak senja midnight sun norway-2
midnight sun kayak tour

Explore Bergsfjord with a kayak under the beautiful evening light.

Location: Skaland

sea kayaker in between the islands of Bergsfjord in Senja Norway
private kayak tour

Contact us if you wish to explore our beautiful area in a private group, or want a longer or different experience?

Kajakk kurs – courses

sea kayak camping senja bergsfjord islands
Best of Senja kayak expedition

Join us on a 5-day sea kayak expedition along the beautiful and exposed, but still accessible South – Western coastline of Senja, Norway’s 2nd biggest Island.

ISKGA kayak expedition in cooperation with

kayaker surfing in Senja in Norway during teknikkurs havkajakk
Senja advanced kayak camp

The aim of this 5 days kayak camp is to improve your technical kayak skills, risk, and safety skills and prepare you to kayak independently in 3* conditions.

2 kayakers in Senja crystal blue water drone during a kayak expedition
senja beginner kayak camp

This is your chance to learn all necessary kayak skills while spending an incredibly adventurous week on Senja, the fairytale island!

northernlights kayak tour senja norway
2 day kayak expedition

Contact us if you are interested in a 2 or multi day kayak expedition.

Tim Vanhoutteghem senja hesten segla hiking
senja 2 day trekking

Contact us if you are interested in a 2 or multi day trekking.

hiking senja norway tour backpakking
Senja 7 day trekking

Contact us if you are interested in a week trekking expedition.

snowshoe paradise senja island Tromsø
Snowshoe hike Anderdalen National Park

Immerse yourself in the serene snowy landscape of Ånderdalen National Park on a leisurely snowshoe trek.

Explore the stunning North Norwegian nature, with ancient twisted pines and rugged granite bedrock. Enjoy the peaceful sound of snow under your snowshoes and warm up with hot drinks by a crackling bonfire.

Join us for an unforgettable winter adventure that blends nature, history, and relaxation.

northernlights camping autumn north norway
Night / aurora snowshoe hike

Contact us if you are interested in a night / aurora snowshoe hiking experience.

about us Tim Vanhoutteghem Kajakk kurs Tromsø lofoten Senja
winter kayak - Tranøybotn

Join us for a unique winter kayak adventure in crystal blue waters, between big mountains, fjords, islands and ice!

winter ski and pulk trekking expedition
winter ski and pulk trekking

Contact us if you are interested in a winter and pulk ski or snowshoe trekking expedition.

full day snowshoe trip senja island
snowshoe adventure - day trip

Imagine making your own track through fresh snow, walking around between big mountains with a view over our arctic fjords, islands and reaching a beautiful mountain top!

unique night aurora northern lights kayak experience
night / aurora kayak tour

Join us for a once in a lifetime arctic experience, kayaking in mirrorlike arctic waters in the dark, under a sky full of stars, or even Northern lights if we are lucky!